Did you save the flower bouquet for preschool? We have the perfect way to repurpose it!

I have shared how the kindergarten class made a flower canvas from a flower bouquet that was just about ready to be thrown out. Here are some additional activities to use up those flowers from the flower bouquet as well.

Setting up the flower painting

While at one table, the children were making a flower canvas, at another table the children were painting with flowers.

For this table, I clipped the stems of the flowers leaving just enough stem for a handle and the top of the flower for a paint brush.

Exploring different tools

Some of the children preferred to use the flowers as paintbrushes and stroke the paint on their paper.

Other’s preferred to use the flowers more like stamps and print the flower shapes on their paper (Miss. Martin even thought she would give this a try).

Adding details

The children used cotton swabs to make the stems of their flowers.

Then they dipped the flowers in the paint and added the flowers to the top of their painted stems.

Every flower creation is unique

Here are a few of our final flower paintings.

So don’t throw away that flower bouquet just yet!

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