There are many wonderful bloggers sharing ideas out there and everyday I learn something new. I am motivated, inspired, and even surprised by some of the innovative and fresh ideas that are shared on these early childhood focused blogs.

Many of these blogs are written by stay at home moms who are doing some amazing activities with their children. Others are written by classroom teachers, home childcare providers, and other professionals in the field of early childhood education who are also doing some amazing work with their students.

One of my greatest desires is to make folks aware of all the amazing ways young children can learn and blogs such as these are wonderful resources for making that happen. But we have to work together in order to keep early childhood education up front and center. We have already accomplished so much and this is just the beginning of more wonderful things to come.

One way that you can help keep early childhood education up front and center is by nominating and voting for your favorite early childhood blogs. Help us continue to reach out to others that may not know about these valuable resources.

Currently, Babble is promoting the Top 50 Craft Mom Blogs and below is a list bloggers that are already nominated. Each of these bloggers work hard at coming up with new ideas, taking photos of their kids in action, writing about the ideas on their blog, and sharing them with all of us. Please give your support by stopping by Babble and giving each of us a thumbs up!

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Preschool Daze

The Chocolate Muffin Tree



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Family Frugal Fun Blog

Nurture Store

Quirky Momma