Ready for Kindergarten

For parents, caregivers, and teachers, there is always that big question when a child is getting into the final years of his preschool experience.

Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

Ready for Kindergarten by Deborah J. Stewart is a book that is designed to give you the tools and insight you need to help your child prepare for kindergarten. Ready for Kindergarten offers simple to follow guidance and tips on where to focus your energy, how to support the learning that naturally takes place, and how to make the most of your child’s pre-kindergarten year.

Inside the pages of this book you will discover…

  • The importance of Building Strength from Fingers to Toes and helpful tips making sure your child is developing the large motor and fine motor strength and control needed to be ready for kindergarten.
  • How to foster your child’s Confidence as You Go so that your child will enter kindergarten feeling secure in his ability to learn and make friends and be a good decision-maker along the way.
  • And finally, you will be guided through the things your child should know in the core content areas of academic learning and how to help your child master skills through natural, everyday, play experiences.

Did you know that your child needs to be “Back Pack Savvy?” As you read along, Ready for Kindergarten will give you the inside scoop on how to help your child be back pack savvy as well as other easy to overlook skills for helping your child prepare for kindergarten success!

Ready For Kindergarten by Deborah J. Stewart : Available on Amazon Now


Who will benefit from Ready for Kindergarten?

Parents of preschool and prekindergarten age children will find this book insightful and helpful whether it is to promote learning at home or to support and understand the types of learning taking place in the preschool or prekindergarten classroom.

Preschool and Prekindergarten Age Teachers will find this book to be a wonderful resource not only for themselves but to give as a gift for their parents or to add as a parent resource in the classroom.

Grandparents of preschool and prekindergarten age children will find this book to be a terrific gift to share with their grown children and as a valued resource for catching up on the current trends in kindergarten readiness.

Administrators of  Child Care Programs and Preschools will find this book to come in handy the next time a parent is asking that question “What else can I be doing to help my child prepare for kindergarten?”

Nannies and other Childcare Givers are often asked to provide additional support for helping young children prepare for kindergarten and this book will give new insight and tools to meet that call for action.

A sneak peak from inside the pages of Ready for Kindergarten

Here is a sneak peak at how this book is organized to help you in the process of helping your child get ready for kindergarten…

Ready for Kindergarten is  divided up into easy to find topics so that you can go back to any topic as needed. Along with each topic, you will find the following sections…

What Your Child Should Know: In this section, you will be given an overview of the developmental skills your child should have a good grasp of before heading off to kindergarten.

How You Can Help: In this section, I’ll give you tips and suggestions on how you can help your child master the developmental skills.

Review, Revise, Revisit: In this section, we’ll discuss simple ways you can figure out how your child is doing. As you review your child’s progress, you will want to revise your plans and activities to fit your child’s interests and abilities. Then revisit the activities to give your child additional opportunities to build new knowledge and to develop new skills.

 Ready for Kindergarten is available on Amazon for preorders at a special price!

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Ready for Kindergarten will be made available to the public in August!


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About the Author:

Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. has been working and teaching in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years. Deborah currently owns and teaches in her own part-time, private preschool called The Children’s Studio. Deborah’s deep passion for teaching and working with young children is documented and then graciously shared with millions of readers around the world through her blog and other social networking communities. Deborah believes that young children learn best through play and exploration and embraces this belief in all that she does in her own classroom so that she can effectively and passionately share rewarding, real- life, tried-and-true practices with other teachers, parents, and leaders across the field of early childhood education.


  1. Vanessa @Pre-K Pages May 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm - Reply

    Congratulations Deborah, I can’t wait to get my copy!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. May 20, 2013 at 4:51 pm - Reply

      Thank you Vanessa and for all your support too!

  2. Debbie Clement May 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm - Reply

    KUDOS!! BRAVO!!! Your legacy continues to expand and grow. What a fantastic accomplishment and contribution to the field.

    YEAH, YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    Debbie Clement

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. May 20, 2013 at 10:49 pm - Reply

      Haha! Thank you so much Debbie:) Your enthusiasm always makes me smile!

  3. ROCIO May 21, 2013 at 4:05 am - Reply

    Looks great!!!!!
    Congratulations for it

  4. MIRIAM FERNANDEZ BORASO May 21, 2013 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    Hi! DEB,
    Congratulations! You are my Inspiration always when I want to learn or investigate more about the kinder! I admire you!
    I’m from Argentina, how can I get the book?
    I love your work and passion about your work!
    big kiss,

  5. Carmen May 21, 2013 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    Looks great, I would absolutely love to have this book for my kindle! Any plans to offer it also as an ebook as well?

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. May 22, 2013 at 6:39 pm - Reply

      Hi Carmen,
      I honestly don’t know but I will ask the publisher!

  6. Nancy Brunner May 22, 2013 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Oh my gosh I have been waiting for you to write a book! Can’t wait to read it! Congratulations! Now I can’t wait till you write a kid book 🙂


  7. Jodie @ Growing Book by Book May 22, 2013 at 6:50 pm - Reply

    Congrats on your new book!

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