The children found a supply of flowers, flower pots, and play dough in one of our activity boxes this week…

The teachers told me that the children have not stopped playing with the flower center since it has been set up! That is always good news to hear!

We added play dough so the children could put it inside the flower pots to help hold up the flowers. Some of the children preferred to use the play dough on the table instead….

Other children preferred to arrange their flowers in the flower pots (or baskets)…

By adding the play dough with the flowers, we ended up seeing some sensory play as well as dramatic play. The children enjoyed breaking apart the play dough, rolling it up into balls, and flattening it out, and filling up the baskets as well as organizing the flowers…

All age groups (twos on up) equally enjoyed the flower center! The first few days, the children focused more on rearranging flowers and manipulating the play dough. After those first few days, we began to see an interest in dramatic play with the flowers.

I have long hair that I usually wear up in a pony tail but when I visited one class of three year olds, I left my hair down. The girls spent the entire time using the flowers to decorate and “spin” my long hair. I had a few tangles when I left:) The boys kept coming over and handing me pretty bouquets. I got quite the royal treatment!

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