If there is one thing I can tell you that I love – it is finding others who are dedicated to the field of early childhood education and who are willing to share their expertise through social networking.

There are so many different kinds of experts in early childhood education. I consider myself more of a grass roots/front line kind of expert. I spend a great deal of time in the early childhood classroom observing children, teachers, and administrators and from that I am always learning and assessing what can we do to be better in the classroom. From classroom set-up, to classroom management, to lesson planning and implementation, to professional development, to teaching styles and practices, to working directly with the children – these are the areas where I find my greatest challenges and my greatest rewards.

But there are many areas of early childhood education that I lack experience in…

This is why I value and depend on the expertise of others. There are many terrific early childhood experts that are available through social networking and are willing to listen and share their expertise with us all. I want to make sure you know how to find them…

This week, the early childhood education expert that I want to introduce to you is Karen Nemeth, Ed.M.

Karen Nemeth, Ed.M. is the author of “Many Languages, One Classroom”. Karen has a website dedicated to helping early childhood educators successfully work with children who speak different languages. You can find Karen on Facebook and ask her questions there or you can view her website or blog to keep up on the latest information shared by Karen.

Karen has been such a valuable resource and support to me since I started Teach Preschool on Facebook and I want to encourage you to bookmark her sites so the next time you are in need of the expertise she provides on English Language Learners, you will be able to look her up!

I have more experts I plan to share with you so stay tuned!