Each week, we focus on a letter of the week in our two and three year old classes.

It isn’t the only time we explore that specific letter but it is a time we give that letter a special introduction and a little special attention.

There are many activities to use for creating letters and I like to use them all. One of my favorite activities is to glue something that actually sounds like that letter on the letter. In this classroom, the children glued bubble wrap on their letter B’s!

While they glued the bubble wrap on their letter, they sang a little song we made up…




B-b-b-b-bubble B!

In this classroom, the children glued blue tissue paper on their letter b!

For the letter A, this class make fingerprint Ants on their letter A!

Just dip a finger in the paint and make ant prints on the letter…

We borrowed this letter A idea from Moments of Mommyhood!  I am sure it won’t be the only idea we borrow as she has an entire alphabet of ideas that I love!