Celebrating grandparents day in preschool

I have been getting a lot of requests on my Facebook page for Grandparent’s Day so I thought I would share with everyone some of the ideas posted by the members of my facebook page along with the ideas shown below!

Make a simple pot of flowers to give to Grandma and Grandpa. This is just a simple construction paper flower pot with construction paper stems and sponge painted flowers…

Let the children color a simple face and decorate it to represent grandma and grandpa. Dictate (or they may print their own words) to finish the sentence, “My Grandma…”

“My Grandpa…”

Invite the children over for a little discussion and ask them to tell you what they do with their grandparents….

Bring in a few items that grandparents use. Let the children explore the items…

I asked my Facebook members what kinds of things they like to do for Grandparent’s Day and here are some of their ideas…

  • Tristin Bond Jacobs: Grandparent Picnic at the local park 🙂
  • Kandie Varney Hinyub: our little friends will paint cards for their Grandparents.
  • Natalie Shevon Cole: Grandparents Tea Party..along with special crafty gifts.
  • Danitra Haneefah Dailey: We’re having a grandparents’ banquet and the children will give presentations on our classroom project called why i love you so much. Its a paperbag that they decorate and they put 5 items in the bag that that explains why they love their grandparents. It includes drawings, stories, collages, etc. The granmothers recieve handmade flowers. The grandfathers are given handMade neckties decorated by the children. Also they get pictures of the children that is put in a cute foam frame.
  • Bette Vaughan: We have the children bring in pictures of their grandparents which we hang on the wall around a map of the US (last year we had to add a world map). We then add thread or yarn to show states they live in. This is used as a math project. We also send cards to each grandparent along with the school’s address asking them to write back to us. The letters are read in class and added to our Grandparent Wall. The children love to hear from their grandparents. We have gotten letters from grandparents who have no contact with their families for years. Lots of tears from the parents.

And here are a few ideas from Mommy Perks!

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  1. Shara September 12, 2010 at 1:44 am - Reply

    I just happened to see you tweet this link so I popped over to learn a thing or two 🙂 So nice to see that you linked to the Mommy Perks tips, also. Thanks, Deborah! Very kind.

    Love your ideas! My mom was here not long ago, visiting us. My daughter keeps saying, “My Oma is gone now. Where did she go? She went to SOUTH CAROLINA!” She doesn’t know what that means but she says it very loudly and with gusto (Oma means Grandma in Dutch). She is quite proud that she knows where Oma is. LOL. My kids really miss their Oma and Papa but we chat via phone often and talk over Skype.

    • Deborah J. Stewart September 12, 2010 at 1:58 am - Reply

      Hi Shara – I am glad you stopped by:)
      You have reminded me as I read your note that something else teachers can do is to be aware of what names the children use to refer to grandma (Oma) and grandp (Opa)! It would be fun to make a list!

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