I have recently moved my studio into a room of our house. This is where I “think preschool!”

I love to make the room look “preschoolish.” The room is way off to itself so my husband doesn’t care what I do in here.

I have most of the furniture I will need in my studio but I need some paintings on the wall. I thought I would experiment with doing some of my favorite kind of art. You know, preschool art!

I started out with a small canvas, some tempera paint, and a couple of sponge rollers. I thought for my first fine piece of preschool artwork I would do some roller painting. Then I will move on to far more complex types of art like marble painting, string painting, swatter painting, car painting, and so on…

I put a little paint on the rollers and then just went for it. I painted freely and wildly and….

Actually – I just rolled the paint back and forth across the canvas.

Once I covered the canvas with my paint, I boldly ventured on and added a few yellow spots. I am not so sure that I like the spots but it is too late now!

So here is my final piece – it is still wet. Tomorrow I will pick a place to hang it on my wall.

>I am rediscovering how fun it is to paint and I am reminded how nice it is to paint….

  • without someone leaning over me making me worry that I might be doing something wrong or silly;
  • without someone telling me I shouldn’t do this or I should do that;
  • without someone telling me what color I have to use;
  • without worrying how much paint might drip on my really nice carpet!  (I do plan to buy a drop cloth:)

And when the painting dries, I put it up on the wall and then I will decide for myself if it stays or goes but it sure was fun in the process.

Have you tried painting lately? Give it a try!

Now see this work of art from two incredibly talented artists!