Sometimes, when an activity is planned, it doesn’t turn out as the teacher might envision.

The children painted their paper plates red the day before and left them overnight to dry.

The teacher was all prepared with black sticker dots, the painted paper plates, and black pipe cleaners.

The sticker dots would not stick to the painted plates, so the children had to use some glue to help them stay put.

That worked out well but when the children went to put on the pipe cleaner legs, the legs didn’t stick so easily to the glue.

What may seem so simple at first can end up being quite challenging – it is all apart of the learning process.

Some of the children understood that the legs should go on each side of the ladybug…

And others just enjoyed the process!!

Although the teacher may have realized that some of the plans were not working out as she had planned, the children never knew the difference. In the end, they each had fun creating a ladybug of their own design.  I thought they were adorable:)

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