I am always on the look out for different art mediums that the children can explore. The children enjoyed the new texture of this homemade “paint” their teacher mixed up.

The teacher mixed up some flour and water in a large bowl until it had a creamy consistency.

Each of the children had a large paper towel to use as their paint canvas and a paper cup to hold their flour paint.

The children then chose a food color they wanted added to their flour and water mixture then mixed up the food coloring and flour then dipped it out on their paper towel.

They used paint brushes to spread the flour paint all over the paper towels. There was no agenda regarding an end result. This was all about exploration.

The children took their time exploring this new art medium and the unusual canvas. Some children decided they wanted to use their hands as well but most of them enjoyed using the paint brushes.

I loved all the pretty colors!