I almost did not write about this activity because, quite frankly, it wasn’t all that great! But – I decided that it was important to share experiences that don’t work out quite as expected.

Each child was given a piece of paper and a Popsicle. I thought they would love seeing how they could draw on the paper with the Popsicles!

I didn’t expect the Popsicles to break off right away. Trying to draw with the broken pieces was much too cold on our hands…

We still gave it a shot with the pieces that were left on the stick but the Popsicle was too dry at first and didn’t leave any really good color on the paper.

We tried setting out cups of water to see if dipping the Popsicles in water would make a difference.

This really didn’t help either but we did like the results of creating colorful water!

So we thought about mixing the water together to make more colors…

By this time, all the children really wanted to do is eat the Popsicles – so that is what we did!

Not every idea that you do in your classroom will work out as expected but this is how you will discover what works and what doesn’t.  I almost think if we had used the Popsicles to do nothing but talk about the word cold and use them to color the water, that the children would have enjoyed the experience more. Next time, I will make another plan. I wont mark the idea off my list entirely, but I will modify it.