Each school year, I like to create a name book for my preschool students to use.

I put them together with all kinds of materials but to simplify things for my readers, I created this little name book template.

Getting Started

I create a book for each child in advance. The number of letters each child has in his or her name will determine the number of middle pages each book will have.  I also put in a few extra pages for practice pages.

You will notice that there is a little empty space at the top of each page. This is so the children can practice writing other letters and numbers or add a drawing if they wish. This space is also used to place their name card for easy viewing.

Our Name Writing Routine

I pull the name book out one day each week as a regular part of our routine. This is not the only time the children practice writing their name but it is a time that I will sit with them and help them where they need a little extra direction.

Each name book always comes with a printed and laminated name card. When the children sit with their name book, they will place the name card on the table or in the empty space at the top of their page for an easy reference.

When the child is finished with the name book for that session, the child will place the name card back into the little sleeve on the inside cover of the back page of the book for safe keeping.

The little sleeve is a sticky back pocket I got from the school supply store but you can also cut out a pocket and staple it on.

How We Use Our Name Writing Books

I keep the name books at the school throughout the school year and then give them to the parents at the end of the year parent-teacher conferences to take home. As needed, I add more pages or create a second book. The book in this post is just to give you the idea of what I like to do!

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