Sorry about the long title! I just couldn’t let this go without saying something. I always have something to say….

This is such a terrific example of how an art project can be so simple but so much fun. Sometimes, I think we over think the process of art and worry to much about the end results.

I happened to drop by this classroom and the children were sponge painting colors on their sheet of construction paper.

Each child had a different color of paint to match his or her sheet of construction paper.

I thought it was such an odd activity really but as I observed, I realized that the children were so engaged in the process. They did not ask what they were making or why they were painting, they were just painting.

I think that part of what they enjoyed was that there were no rules. No concerns over where to place the eyeball or how to cut on a line. Just the freedom to explore their color of paint.

Many of the children would switch and try a new color on a new sheet of construction paper.

I finally did ask the teacher what the plan was, I guess I thought there probably had to be one:)

The teacher said they were making the background for their State Fair quilt.

At another table, the children were coloring these pictures to add to their construction paper squares later.  In the end, they will glue the colored pictures to their colorful backdrop.

I always love watching the children wash their hands. Some of the children make it a very long process:)

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