When painting with objects, I always print the word of the object on the paper so the children can see that word as they participate in the activity.

In this case the word is Orange.

We cut an orange in half and used one of the halves for creating orange prints on our paper.

For younger children, I just have them print all over the page as desired. For older children, I have them try to print the word “orange” first then go for printing with the orange all over the page as desired.

The other half of the orange was cut into smaller pieces for tasting…

We also did a little taste test and graphed whether we liked the taste of the orange or not with a Yes-No Chart.

After the children taste the orange, let the children draw a happy or sad face under yes or no to answer the question “Do you like oranges?”

Follow up with open ended sentence starters or questions such as

  • The orange tastes….
  • The orange feels…
  • The orange smells…

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