This idea originally came from Frugal Family Fun Blog. I have seen this idea on many other blogs as well but this is where I saw the idea first.  I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

Theme: Flowers

The theme for this particular week is Flowers.  The children are creating flowers from all sorts of artistic approaches. Below is a class of older three year olds having fun with the process. Each teacher is allowed to interpret the ideas the way they would like and they use their own teaching style.  This teacher is very soft spoken and guides the children in a quiet, relaxed manner.  She did not have an assistant and there were about 10 children participating in the project.

Activity in Action

The teacher set out empty water bottles, paper, and paper plates filled with a puddle of paint. The teacher set out about five different colors of paint.  She let each child pick a color of paint they would like to print with.

The children dipped the bottom of the water bottle into the paint then made prints on their paper.

The teacher led the children through several stages of this project. After the children printed with their water bottles, she gave them all little paint brushes and invited the children to paint the center of their circles with the different colors.

The children caught on easily to this activity and took their time painting inside their circles.

Once the children seemed satisfied with their circles, the teacher then set out green paint and invited the children to create stems and leaves.

The children each had their own idea of how to add the stem and leaves.  I might have demonstrated the idea of how to add leaves and stems first but the teacher clearly knew her kids better because in the end, their ideas were far more interesting and creative!

One of our finished pieces of art! Awesome!!

It was an easy clean-up. I got the job of washing off the water bottles.

The kids washed the paint brushes!