Tonight I have been working on the props for our preschool program. One of the dances is called Caterpillar Conga and we wanted to have each boy be a part of the caterpillar. I am still choosing whether to have a polka-dotted caterpillar, circle caterpillar, or just plain green.  The boys are only three and they can hold the circles during the dance (we have practiced this). They will also have colorful knee socks on so their feet will be the caterpillar feet.

I cut twelve circles out of large sheets of foam board and painted them green!

Here are the circles set up in my garage.

I thought you might like to know that I used rolls of old Christmas wrapping paper to work on.

Here is my Caterpillar if I leave it all green.

Here is the caterpillar if I add an orange circle to the middle of each green circle!

And here is my caterpillar if I paint polka-dots on the green.  I can make the dots prettier, this was just a sample to try first. They look much brighter than the photos show too!

Once the caterpillar style is chosen, I will finish them all up and we will practice with them once or twice to make sure the head is going in the right direction:)  I just love making props. Now I need to work on the stage decorations – flowers, bugs, and other summer goodies:)  How Fun!!