Blocks promote creativity

A block center promotes a unique opportuntiy for preschoolers to be creative. Instead of creating with paint or paper, preschoolers use blocks to engage in the construction or creation of buildings, roads, farms, houses, towers, and walls. Blocks allow preschoolers to create in more than one dimension and the creativity is open-ended and hands-on.



A variety of blocks

Including a variety of blocks will help to promote creativity. Legos, wooden blocks, alphabet blocks, square blocks, rectangular blocks, blocks with unusual curves or shapes, blocks of different sizes, and blocks of all colors keep preschoolers engaged in block play and spark imagination.




Accessories expands creativity

Rotating block accessories such as cars, people, animals, trains, tracks, and tools captures the attention of preschoolers and expands thier imaginations and creativity.



Block accessories can be homemade

Creativity can be invited by adding items to the block center that are made by your students like painted shoe boxes for blocks or black strips of construction paper for roads.

Add nature

Creativity can also be promoted by simply adding items from nature like leaves, tree limbs, straw, and rocks.

Add pictures

Magazine pictures, old bluprints, posters, and photo cards of buildings and various scenes can be included in the block center to spark imagination.

Take blocks outdoors

Want to really see creativity and imaginations soar? Take blocks outside and let students have time to combine their imaginations with the natural outdoor environment and blocks.