mixing color

Cotton ball color mixing!

A wonderful way to explore color and build fine motor skills in your preschool classroom! If you haven't ever tried cotton ball color mixing with your students, then let me [...]

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Water color wheels

To give our students time to explore the process of mixing colors and a color wheel, we invited our students to explore water color mixing on a paper towel!

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A lesson in color mixing

All through out the year, I give my students lots of opportunities for exploring concepts such as color mixing but along with the freedom to explore, I will often take the time to sit down with my students and walk through a concept. This lesson in color mixing is an example of such a time...

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Printmaking with paper hearts

Valentine's day themed art can be as simple as printmaking with paper hearts. With just a few materials that are readily found around your home or classroom, your children can create beautiful heart-shaped prints.

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