About Teach Preschool Children’s Studio

About Teach Preschool Children’s Studio

Teach Preschool Children’s Studio

Noblesville, Indiana

The Teach Preschool Children’s Studio is my own small, private preschool.

The lower level Classroom

All the children gather together and play in our lower level classroom when they first walk in the door. Our preschool class then has their own circletime in this classroom before heading up the stairs to join the Pre-K class for centers.

The Upper Classroom

Our PreK students quickly learn to navigate stairs as they go up to participate in large group time and centers each day. I absolutely love our upstairs classroom and it is the newest room added to our school.

The Outdoor Classroom The outdoor classroom provides a terrific view of the surrounding woods and a wonderful environment for the discovery and exploration of our natural environment. The children explore core concepts in the areas of science and nature through sensory play and exploration.

I started my children’s studio to teach young children, observe their learning, and then draw upon these experiences to write about the latest trends, activities, philosophies, and teaching practices I apply in my own early childhood educational practices.

At the center of everything we do, I want my students to come away each day from the classroom excited to learn, creative in play, and loving school.

Play is an important aspect of early learning and at the studio, intentional play is integrated throughout the learning experience. Intentional play allows the children to build confidence, the developmental skills, and core knowledge necessary for future school success.

The Teach Preschool Children’s Studio environment is set up to explore the great outdoors as well as enjoy the traditional indoor classroom hands-on experiences. The children rotate to both an indoor and outdoor environment each day and receive quality, age appropriate instruction and guidance as he or she explores each learning area.

Growth and development takes place through these uniquely designed learning areas including a circletime area for large group games, stories, and discussion – as well as reading, writing, creative art, math, science, dramatic play, sensory play, water play, cooking, nature and discovery.

At the children’s studio, I want every child to feel like he or she is a valued member of our community of young learners.