Loose Parts Math

The number line game!

A great way to incorporate movement and practice memory recall with numbers! The number line is a very simple game that invites the children to use their whole bodies. As [...]

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Designing with Qtips on the math table

I love offering the children everyday, simple things, like Qtips, to design and create with. I always hope that by supplying the children common household products, they might even be inspired to try the activities at home.

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At play on the math table

As each new school year comes around, I add a little something here and there to spruce up the learning environment and to give me a little new inspiration in [...]

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More with math bags

Over the past four years, I have blogged off and on about our math bags so I thought I would bring a little update to our use of the math [...]

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The collection jars for preschool

Getting organized for a new school year has taken me most of the summer! One task has been to organize all my small loose parts for play in collection jars for easy use and finding and storage.

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