There is so much to deal with in today’s crazy world and I know that being in the classroom now has new challenges that no one could have ever imagined. But let me encourage you to not give up.

My granddaughter found this little wounded butterfly. It had a torn wing and so my granddaughter cared for it throughout two whole days. The butterfly just clung to my granddaughter’s fingers.

On day two, my granddaughter decided to encourage the butterfly to fly. The butterfly made two or three attempts to fly but it kept landing back on the ground. In my mind, it was hopeless, but I kept my thoughts to myself.

Well I want you to know that to my amazement, that butterfly suddenly took off in full flight. We followed it as it soared through the sky and we couldn’t see it anymore. My granddaughter was so proud, “I taught it to fly again!”

She sure did!

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or down today, let me tell you that you’ve got this. God has a plan for you and all you have to do is lean into that plan and keep on trying. That is what I do in my own life – Every. Single. Day.

You’ve Got This!