Coming up soon is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and in case you are looking for a simple way to celebrate this day in your early childhood classroom, this post is for you.

The children’s book “Say Something!” by Peter H. Reynolds is a great book for this special holiday. Let me tell you just a little bit about it. First, the book is all about encouraging children to speak up and ‘say something’ when they see something that they feel is important, beautiful, or just the right thing to do. In addition, the illustrations in the book highlight a diverse group of children all thinking of ways they can go about saying something.

How does this fit in with MLK Day?

Martin Luther King, Jr. set the example of speaking up and saying something when he saw something happening that wasn’t kind, fair, or right (I am using simple kid terms here) in his world.  In the same way, we can all speak up when we see something that we want to tell others about only there are many different ways we can actually speak up.

How Can Your Children Say Something?

In Reynold’s book, he highlights different ways that children can speak up and say something. Here is a list he includes inside the flap of the cover of the book.

Notice that the book highlights ways that young children can say something that goes beyond just using their voice. Children can say something by painting a picture, writing a short poem, singing a song, and by simply being a friend.

Each page of the book, “Say Something” by Peter H. Reynolds can lead towards lots of interesting and thoughtful discussions with your students. In addition, you can expand on each page of the book by inviting your students to say something just like the children are doing inside the book.

Empower Your Children to Say Something!

Use this book to empower your students to express their own ideas and beliefs. Let them know that they can make a positive difference in this world whether they choose to paint a picture, tell a story, sing a song, or just take time to be a friend. Even young children need to know that like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., their voice matters and that there are LOTS of ways that they can “Say Something!”


This Book is Available on Amazon!

PS. Currently, the audio version on Amazon is available for free.