To put together a classy classroom, all you really need to do is add a few little touches here and there!

As you head back to school, you might be looking for ways to add a little fun, warmth, or classiness to your classroom centers. One of the first places to start is to add simple things you would normally see at home. A little bit of home-like materials added here and there can add just the right touch of warmth, fun, and classiness to your classroom.

Fabrics are Fabulous

If you look in the photo above, you will see scarves hanging on the right and a tablecloth on the small table in the center. Fabrics of all kinds have a way of warming up the classroom. My students use the scarves as tablecloths, skirts, shawls, and anything else that they can come up with.

Creative Containers

In the center of the table is our vase. Now I know that not everyone feels comfortable adding glass jars and vases to their classroom but we do in ours. I find that the children are more gentle and careful in their play because they know things will break. If you can’t use glass, then look for containers that are similar or have a unique design. One thing to note is that I also use clear jars so my students can see what is inside them. I love having a set of jars displayed across the room filled with loose parts. It’s a wonderful way to make the classroom feel warm and inviting.

Better Baskets

I have quite the assortment of baskets around my classroom and I will be honest with you. When it comes to baskets, I don’t scrimp. I think everything in the classroom is way more classy when it is set up for play in just the right basket. I use baskets to set materials out on shelves and tables so that my invitations to play really pop. You can find many of my blocks sorted and set out in baskets too. Having just the right baskets in your classroom will help your students take better care of your classroom and they really do make the classroom feel warm and classy.

Go Real Life

Plants and flowers have a way of making the classroom feel warm plus your students can help take care of them. I will be honest with you, again. I do not have a green thumb and anytime I have added a live plant to my classroom, it hasn’t lived very long. However, I do think real plants are much warmer than fake plants (although you want to be sure you research the plant first for child safety). I try to add real plants to our science center each year so the children can watch them grow. However, I must say that the tall stems with pink flowers in the photo up top are not real but every day my students love to rearrange where they will go and they do have a way of warming up the classroom too.