I already introduced to you the first layer of color in our work of art so let me show you the rest!

When you see the finished artwork, you might be tempted to try and do something like this in one day but let me encourage you to read on and see how the magic in this process is about giving the children time, materials, and the freedom to make their own choices.

It didn’t matter how much tape a child chose to put on his or her paper because with each piece of tape the child peeled off the roll, there was value in the effort. Even though the process may seem simple at first glance, let me assure you that it was quite challenging for the children to get those fine motor skills to cooperate. Each week, the children added a new color of tape to their paper. It was up to the child how much tape to add so some children added one piece of tape while others would add several pieces.

Skillful and Intentional

As their papers started to fill up with color, the children were becoming more skilled at managing the process of pulling, cutting, and sticking the tape. As the children became more skillful in managing the tape, they also became more intentional in their design.

Week by week the children filled their paper with tape creating beautiful lines, shapes, and colors. Because the process was repetitive, the children were able to transition from “how to do the process” to “how they wished to explore the process.”

A Process of Their Own

The children used the same art materials and focused on the same process, but the completed works were stunning and unique. There was never a rush to finish the process which allowed the children time to practice and master their skills and to make the process their own.

The final pieces of artwork were so beautiful that we saved them to add to our end of the school year art gallery. Honestly, if I could have just framed them and kept them on my wall at the preschool, I would have done so. At least I have photos I can enjoy!

Things to Consider

  1. Allowing the children to explore an art process over time helps them to build their skills and master the process.
  2. Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most rewarding for the children.
  3. When the focus of art is on building a child’s confidence then the finished artwork will always be perfect.

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