If you read my two last posts…

I shared 10 wonderful ways to take the learning outside, then you might be inspired to drop everything and get outside OR you might be thinking, “Deborah, we have so many things we need to accomplish indoors, that we just don’t have time to get outside.” Well my friend, let me encourage you to swap out your teacher basket for a picnic basket!

Picnic Basket Lessons

To set up a picnic basket lesson, start by taking at least one thing you would normally do indoors and instead of putting all the supplies you need into your teacher’s basket or on a table, put at least one activity in a picnic basket instead. Then take the children outdoors for a few quick minutes to complete the activity rather than staying indoors.

Want to learn more about picnic basket lessons?

I absolutely love putting together picnic basket lessons and I do all different kinds. I try to keep them simple to prepare yet interesting to do with the children. I will be sharing all the nitty gritty details of our picnic basket lesson plans from exactly how we do them, what kinds of lessons we plan for them, what supplies we keep in our baskets, and how to get other teachers in the room involved in the process in my Outdoor Play Discover Conference coming April 25th, 2019 – Are you signed up yet?