Who doesn’t love some good water-play?


Here’s a glimpse of what your water bead play could look like!


A few weeks ago Mrs. Stewart did a study on honey bees. The children spent the day discovering and exploring all that there is to know about honey bees. If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you will have probably already seen the article I wrote about how we explored the way honey bees gather nectar. In the chance you haven’t read that yet, you can easily find it here!

With this activity we were inspired by the pollen that the honey bees collect!

This specific activity was inspired by honey bee pollen! We started by adding yellow water beads to our water table. Then I supplied some turkey basters, pitchers, clear tongs, and some empty scented bead containers. We like reusing those specific containers because the holes in the lids make great strainers!

By adding the pitchers and the children could scoop and pour as they pleased. Some collected as many pieces of pollen as they could in their pitchers just to dump them out. Others were perfectly happy to scoop and pour water the whole time! The clear tongs and turkey basters added a way to work on those fine motor skills!

It always surprises me how adding an imaginative element to activities like this can make the children so much more engaged! I could have simply dismissed the children outside to go play. However, since they had spent the morning diving into the topic of honey bees, they had developed an interest. So when I explained to them that this was the pollen that they had harvested, they knew exactly what I was talking about!


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