Who knew you could incorporate ducks in so many ways around the classroom?

I’d love to show you a couple ways we incorporated ducks in our centers after reading Eric Carle’s “10 Little Rubber Ducks” and discussing all of the different things we knew about ducks – both the rubber and the feathered kind!

We know that ducks spend a LOT of time in water, so we joined our ducks in some water play…

These duckling watering pails from Walmart kept our students busy for a good portion of the morning – so much focus as they poured and filled their ducks back up…

We even discovered that the prints our ducks made looked like the eggs they lay!

Some of the children told their own story as they made their prints by adding legs and beaks to make a duck family similar to the family in our story.

And when they finished, they put their family in its nest to dry off from a busy day of swimming!