Your children will love to play invented games together in the preschool classroom!

My students love, and I mean love, playing all kinds of large motor games. If the children can spin, jump, run, or move about then they are just so happy. If I can’t think of a game, then I just make one up. This made up game is called the spin-around game.

How to Play

Invite the children to gather around in a circle. Choose one child to be the “spinner.” The spinner stands in the middle and cover his or her eyes and points out with one finger.

Now sing this song – you will have to make up a tune (or just chant it).

Spin (child’s name) spin,

Spin and spin again,

Spin (child’s name) spin,

Spin and “STOP!”


Taking Turns

Whoever the “spinner” is pointing at now switches places with that child and the new “spinner” enters the middle of the circle. Now you can start the game again..

I love this game unless the spinner happens to point at me. I am too old to spin:)

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