I have been spending some extra time in my studio thinking of things I would like to invite my students to explore next fall.

One of the processes I stumbled onto was a way to catch and pop some bubbles using construction paper and bubbles.

Rounding up the Supplies

I found these wonderful containers at the Dollar Tree so I picked up a handful of them to share with my grandsons.

However, I noticed that after we blew bubbles in my classroom and even outside that many of the bubbles that landed on the floor or ground didn’t pop right away.

Setting up the Experiment

So a few days later, I set out to try my own experiment with the bubbles.  I set out sheets of construction paper on a table to see if I could catch some of these bubbles on the paper.

I set the paper out on a table and then began blowing bubbles over the table and stopped to watch them fall on the paper.

Some of the bubbles popped but many of them didn’t! The bubbles that didn’t pop, stayed good until later in the day.

Trying Different Methods

I tried painting the bubbles and dripping liquid water color on them but the paint brush would pop the bubbles and the liquid water color just rolled off. And I tried mixing color in with the bubbles ahead of time but they still looked clear on the white paper.

So in the end, I filled up several sheets of construction paper with bubbles and invited my grandsons over to pop them with their fingers. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what I did with most of the popping session photos but I did happen to have one I put on Instagram so I am sharing that one photo.

I was so excited to find bubbles that didn’t easily pop and had fun figuring out ways we can explore with these bubbles in my classroom next fall. In the mean time, you may want to know why these bubbles didn’t pop – that is something I can’t tell you because I don’t know why. All I can say is that these little containers of Dollar Tree bubbles hold some good strong bubble solution!

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