Part of the fun of being a preschool teacher is trying out all sorts of new ideas and finding unique materials that your students will enjoy exploring and creating with.   Today I am sharing a variety of ways to explore the painting process without using brushes…

Paintbrushes not required by Teach Preschool

If  your children ever get bored or tired of painting, then I encourage you to take a look a look at your materials and see how you can change the process to make it more interesting.  Sometimes, it is as simple as digging through your kitchen drawers or even your recycle box to find something that will spark new interest in painting.  Do you have any sponges under your sink that could be repurposed?  How about using them for some rainbow sponge painting

Rainbow sponge painting



Another similar idea, but on a much larger scale, would be painting with a mop.  What a great way to explore art and to get in a little large motor activity, as well…

Wy and Mop Painting


Have you ever painted with spray bottles?  Check out our colorful sprinkle paint activity!  We used powdered paint and sprayers for a two step process, but you could just as easily mix some watercolors into your bottles and paint with those…

Colorful sprinkle painting from Teach Preschool


Droppers or pipettes are a staple that every preschool classroom should have.  They are super cheap and can be used in a multitude of ways for both science and art.  Drip drop painting is an awesome way to paint without a brush at the easel…

Drip Drop Painting at the Easel by Teach Preschool


Most preschool teachers will have heard of marble painting or car painting.  Those are classic painting activities that everyone should try!  But another great painting activity that will get your children moving and shaking is acorn paintings.  Perhaps you don’t have any acorns laying around outside.  Then try using another kind of nut or small rock instead…

Beautiful acorn paintings by Teach Preschool

After seeing a lot about pendulum painting, we decided we had to give it a try.  It was as messy as you would expect, but also a really fun way to paint too!

Pendulum Painting in Preschool by Teach Preschool


Plexi-glass is a really cool material, not often found in preschool classrooms, let alone used for painting.  Plexi-painting is another really unique process to explore with children, no paintbrushes required…



The number of ways you can stamp or create prints is virtually endless.  If it can hold paint, you can make a print with it.  Here are just a few of the materials we have stamped or printed with over the years.  Egg cartons

Dipping the egg carton into paint

Water bottles

Bright and Beautiful Water Bottle Flower Painting by Teach Preschool



Designing with Dominoes by Teach Preschool

And even scrunched up paper can be used for making prints.  The list goes on and on…

scrunch painting 032

Don’t forget the painting tools that you were born with.  Finger painting is always so much fun with preschoolers!  These DIY fingerprint paint pads make great fingerprints and are a breeze to clean up…

DIY Fingerprint Paint Pads by Teach Preschool


And lastly, use those hands and feet as big paintbrushes for some awesome large scale painting!


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