Rainbow collages

We recently shared about how we have been using a large mirror as our reflection table.  See how we used our cutting scraps from our reflection table activity to create these beautiful rainbow collages…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

Children love taking an active role in their art and as preschool teachers or even crafty moms or dads, I’m sure you all understand the need to re-purpose and re-use all types of art materials.  Now that we had all these beautiful paper scraps, they were perfect for turning them into a rainbow collage.  The children always like the idea of being able to use something that they had a hand in creating from the beginning…

The Reflection Table by Teach Preschool

We sorted through all of the colors and neatly organized them in our plastic tray so that our art table looked interesting and inviting…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

The colored scraps were set out with a few different types of glue that were sent to us by Elmer’s.  Lately, we have been sharing our glue bottle frustrations over on Facebook so we thought for the rainbow collages, trying a new type of glue would be a good idea.  Both types of glue are a part of Elmer’s Early Learner’s product line and have a triangular shape design.  The purple bottle on the left is a squeezable liquid gel and the one on the right is more like a standard glue stick only the shape is designed to be better for small hands learning to properly hold a glue stick (or pencil).  This product line is available at Michael’s arts and craft stores…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

I like the idea of the triangular shaped glue stick because they don’t easily roll off the table.  But the shape took a little bit of time for the children to get used to and the lids were a challenge to get on and off for such small hands.  However, after a few uses, the children got more adept at easily using the glue stick.  Our children liked squeezing the gel glue and watching it come out of the tube and they got lots of time working their fine motor skills as the children had to give a good squeeze to get the gel to come out of the bottle…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

And in case you are wondering, both types of glue are purple, but dry clear…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

Once their glue was on their paper, the children could choose any of the rainbow scraps that they wanted to fill their paper in any way they wanted…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

Some children focused on adding as many scraps to their collages as they possibly could, layering colors on top of colors…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

Other children focused more on exploring our new glue and kept their collages minimalistic in style…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

And while most of our children’s collages didn’t look like the traditional version of a rainbow, or even include all of the colors of the rainbow, they were both beautiful and meaningful because the children took part in all steps of this art process…

Rainbow collages by Teach Preschool

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  1. Tat February 28, 2014 at 4:19 am - Reply

    We’ve been doing rainbow collages, too…just didn’t know to call them that!

    • tien tresniati February 28, 2014 at 7:56 pm - Reply

      on march, i am going to introduce purple color to my students. Rainbow collages is a good idea for review all colors we have been learning…thank you for the idea… 🙂

  2. kewkew March 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm - Reply

    Lovely rainbow collages.
    Interesting glue sticks and gel. I have never seen them before. I can see the benefits of the triangle shaped tube.
    I would love if you could stop by and share with Toddler Idea Tuesday. I am always looking for new activities for my little ones and I love to share with my readers.
    Have a great evening

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