Candy cane play all around the clasroom

Candy canes are a fantastic way to bring multi-sensory experiences into the classroom!  They smell good, are yummy to eat, and provide so much inspiration for activities all around the classroom…

Candy cane play by Teach PreschoolArt

The stripes on a candy cane are super simple for preschoolers to recreate, making candy cane art an obvious choice for teachers.  This candy cane art even smells like peppermints…

Candy Cane Art

Did you know that you can make glitter out of candy canes?  We used our candy cane glitter to decorate paper Christmas stockings…

Candy Cane Glitter


In our classroom, we can take just about any item and turn it into a math lesson.  It was no wonder that these great candy cane ornaments were used to explore several different math concepts with our pre-k children…

Candy Cane Math

Felt Board

These simple felt candy canes are so festive that they can be used on your felt board all season long…



Our children love a good science experiment!  This candy cane science lesson was fun and our children really enjoyed it…

Candy Cane Science

Sensory and Light Table

I’m sure you’ve seen these plastic tubes filled with various candies at the grocery  store.  Well, we emptied them out and made candy cane sensory tubes.  They are really cool to explore and soothing to play with, like a discovery bottle.  And they can also be used on the light table…

Candy Cane Sensory Tubes

Fine Motor

Those candy cane tubes can be used in so many interesting ways around the classroom.  Here is just one more way to use them for building fine motor skills

Candy Cane Paper Play

Play Dough

Play dough is always a popular activity in our class!  The addition of peppermint extract makes this candy cane play dough even more enticing…

Playdough Candy Cane

Circle Time Games

Our children just adore large group games where everyone gets a chance to be the center of attention.  This candy cane game was so simple to play, but so much fun…


Well, there you have it!  Lots of candy cane inspiration for all around the classroom.  Now, I wonder what we will be inspired to do next…

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  2. […] Candy Cane Play all Around the Classroom! […]

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