Spielgaben: a new and innovative learning resource [give-away]

You may have already heard the buzz about the remarkable and beautiful new learning resource from Spielgaben but if you haven’t (or even if you have) you will surely enjoy scrolling down through the photos to see this beautiful and uniquely designed learning resource…

Spielgaben Learning Resource (give-away included) by Teach Preschool

The Spielgaben learning resources arrived at my door in a large box and after taking each beautiful and natural-to-brightly colored piece out of the wrapper and setting all the pieces out on my table, I stood back for a minute to admire them and consider what I wanted to dive in to explore first…

Spielgaben Learning Resource (give-away included) by Teach Preschool

Fortunately, the innovative designers behind Spielgaben also provide a very large and detailed 700 page online user guide for how to put the learning resources into playful learning. I decided to go ahead and print most of the user guide and put it in a binder so you could see some of the pages. You certainly wouldn’t need to print it all like I did. Instead, you could just print what you need as you are ready. Included in the online resources are all kinds of printables (Inspiration Cards) that go along nicely with each type of learning resource…

Spielgaben Learning Resource (give-away included) by Teach Preschool

So now that my guide was printed, I moved everything off to a shelf in my classroom so I could use my table to begin sampling a few ideas shared in the user guide along with the learning resources they provide. (I will most likely store the materials in the beautiful and very organized wooden Spielgaben storage case rather than on a shelf in the classroom during the school year but I am still deciding)...

Spielgaben Learning Resource (give-away included) by Teach Preschool

First up, I wanted to play with Spielgaben box #1 which consists of 12 beautifully woven “cotton balls.” Now you should know that Spielgaben goes through great lengths in their learning guide to…

  1. Walk you step by step through how to use the materials
  2. Give you tips on how to introduce the learning resources to young children
  3. And to reinforce the message that it is extremely important when introducing the materials, to go through each box in sequential order over a period of time.

I bring this up because I am just giving you a little photo gallery of some of the materials along with a look at the very beginning uses of some of the materials that Spielgaben provides and NOT a tutorial on how to use the materials. You will want to consult the user guide on your own before introducing the learning resources in your home or classroom…

Speilgaben #1: 

Spielgaben Box #1

Spielgaben #2 and #3

Spielgaben boxes 2 & 3

Spielgaben #4

Spielgaben # 4

Spielgaben 4-4

Spielgaben #6

Spielgaben #8

Spielgaben #9

Spielgaben 9

Spielgaben #10

Spielgaben 10

Recommended age range

The Spielgaben program is intended for children starting at age three going on up through and beyond the age of five.

In the Classroom

You may ask if I plan to use these materials in my preschool classroom and the answer is an absolute “Yes!” I can see lots of potential for putting the materials to good use promoting critical thinking skills in math, engineering, construction, and design as well as promoting fine motor skills and creativity in my classroom.  To see the materials in action in a classroom environment, take a look at the “Why Schools Love Us” video on the Spielgaben website!

Applying Froebel

Although the materials are being promoted as a way to integrate the Froebel philosophy into the classroom, it is important to note that as with all philosophies such as Froebel, Reggio, Montessori, and so on, it requires training and study of the philosophy to adequately implement the philosophy. To learn more about Froebel, you might also find this resource helpful.

New storage system

The Spielgaben storage system I received has since gotten a new look! Here is what the new storage case will look like (which is not shown in the photos above)…


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Deborah J Stewart

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