Reading Dr. Seuss: Wacky Wednesday

Celebrate the works of Dr. Seuss with these funny ideas your students are sure to love!

We are celebrating the works of Dr. Seuss this month and our class came to preschool last Wednesday and enjoyed the fun and crazy antics of  the Dr. Seuss book titled, “Wacky Wednesday.” After reading the book, we noticed that there were quite a few wacky things going on around our classroom too!

Upon approaching our classroom last Wednesday, our students noticed a shoe hanging on our door…

Mixing Things up

That, of course, had several children exclaiming, “A shoe on the door?  That’s weird.”  When they entered the classroom, the children immediately began noticing all of the strange and out of place items in our room.  They could already guess that it was going to be a silly day!  After all of the children arrived, I invited them over to carpet for circle time.  We then sang our goodbye song.  Our hello song and goodbye song both have the same tune, but the children were all saying, “Wait!  That’s not how it goes! You’re being silly!”  That’s right, I was being super silly.  If you can’t be silly on Wacky Wednesday, then when can you be?  I brought out our book “Wacky Wednesday” by Theo. LeSeig, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss…

Introducing a Story

We examined the cover of the book.  The children immediately noticed the flying shoe and that The Cat in the Hat was upside down.  I then explained that those silly pictures on the cover of the book could also be called “wacky.”…

Expanding on the Story

The story begins with a child waking up in the morning to notice a shoe on the wall.  With every turn of the page, the scenes seem to grow wackier and wackier.  We had a very small class that day, which allowed us to slow down and take our time examining all of the fun and wacky pictures in this book.  The book ends with the child needing to find 20 wacky things before things will return back to normal.  Our classroom was filled with more than 20 wacky things…

On the wall were 20 post it notes. The children and I counted the numbers up to 20 and then I handed each child a sticky note and sent them off to go find something wacky.  When the children found something wacky, they left their sticky note and came back for another…

Having fun!

When all 20 items were located, we set off on a “wacky walk” to see what wacky things the children had found…

There was a child’s booster seat in place of a chair, an umbrella hanging on the wall, Christmas wrapping paper on the art easel, toilet paper on the paper towel holder, a sock in the tissue box, a banana in the flowers, and so much more!  It all made for a very fun and wacky start to our Wednesday!  We’ll be sharing more Wacky Wednesday ideas coming up in the next few days…

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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