Literacy extension activities reinforce learning and help books come alive in the classroom!

We read the wonderful book “The Three Little Kittens” by Paul Galdone. In this book, the kittens do everything in their mittens which leads to missing mittens and soiled mittens and gets mama a little upset. We continued to build on the story of the Three Little Kittens through our play with mittens…

Expanding on the Story

As already shared in the previous post, we soiled our mittens just like the Three Little Kittens by exploring a little mitten painting…

Building Fine Motor Skills

In the book, the three little kittens also wash their mittens and hang them out to dry so we “washed” our mittens and hung them out to dry too…

Hanging up mittens with clothespins is great fine motor skill practice. We tied a very long piece of thin rope across our classroom to allow plenty of space for lots of mittens…

Mitten hanging was another fun way to build on our story of The Three Little Kittens – now we can have some pie!

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