Painting with mittens

Fun and unique ways to expand on a classic children’s story!

A fun way to change up the painting process is by offering different materials to paint with.  We changed up the painting experience and invited the children to explore the process of painting with mittens…

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

Introducing a Story

Before we began painting with mittens, we gathered together for morning circle and read “The Three Little Kittens” by Paul Galdone. This book features the classic folktale of the three little kittens who have lost their mittens, complete with beautiful illustrations and wonderful words that rhyme. It is a simple to read version of the tale and our class loved it…

Mitten painting by Teach Preschool

Expanding on the Story

We then played a fun mitten matching game…

Mitten painting by Teach Preschool

In this game, each child chose one mitten from the collection of mittens we had spread out on the floor and placed the mitten on one hand. When the music played, the children went around the classroom looking for who might have on their matching mitten.  We played several rounds of our mitten matching game, and as we played, the children got the hang of it and became more invested and excited to find their matching mitten…

Mitten painting by Teach Preschool

Painting with Mittens

Next, we moved on to our centers.  Mitten painting was offered at the art table.  For this simple and fun activity, a variety of paint was set out along with paper plates, mittens, and large sheets of paper…

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

The children put the mittens on their hands and then chose which colors of paint they wanted to use. They squeezed their paint out onto the paper plates and then pushed their mitten into the paint.  A few children chose to squeeze the paint directly onto their mittens…

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

When pressed onto the paper, the mittens left a perfect print (most of the time)…

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

Enjoying the Process!

Of course, some children didn’t stop at just leaving prints.  Some children wanted to cover their whole paper.  So they stamped away until their entire paper was covered.  The mittens left a beautiful texture in the paint…

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

Who knew that mittens could be used to make such interesting prints?

Painting with mittens by Teach Preschool

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Deborah J Stewart

Deborah J Stewart

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