More than just a leaf!

Nature and literacy are great sources of inspiration for creativity in your classroom!

The children’s book “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert takes a fun look at how leaves combined with other items from nature can take on the features of different animals or even people…

Inspiration for the Process

After our walk and leaf sorting, which I shared in my previous post, my students selected a leaf to make into something different as well…

The leaf man picture above is my version of a leaf girl at a party. Before the children went off to create their own leaf pictures, I sat with them and showed how to use the materials to turn a leaf into something else.  We always have lots of blank paper and coloring or drawing tools available for the children to draw or write or color anyway they wish but for a process like this, I wanted to model out loud the thinking and share the goal of this process.  As I drew I said things like, “I think my leaf is going to go to a birthday party!” and “Oh, I want my leaf to wear a tutu to the party.”  and “Should my leaf wear a hat?” As I draw, the children help me make decisions about my leaf and observe the process then head off to interpret this process in their own way…

Making their Leaf Creations

First they selected a leaf to glue to their piece of construction paper.  I encouraged the children to use lots of glue so we would be sure those leaves would stay stuck on that paper.  Then the children used Crayola Twistable Slick Stixs to complete their leaf designs or creatures…

We had lots of birthday party leaves because we happened to have had a birthday boy in the classroom on this particular day…

I have to tell you that using Crayola Twistable Slick Stix to color is the best coloring tool for leaves and other hard to color on objects or hard to see type canvases.  No, I am not getting paid or freebies to tell you this. I just want you to know that we love them and my class will spend far more time coloring or designing with the slick stix than anything else – oh, and they last a pretty long while and are not messy on the hands!

Every Creation is Unique

So let me leave you with a little gallery of a few more of our leaf creatures or designs. I think they all turned out simply beautiful!


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