Apples are a neat way to explore patterns in your classroom

We start off the beginning of the school year with lots of different types of simple patterning processes in my classroom and recently, we explored making apple patterns.

Because we have a mixed age group (ages 3 to 5) in our class, some of the patterns are simple AB patterns (for our younger students) and some of the patterns are AABB (for our older students or those who are ready for a little bigger challenge).

Preparing the Patterning Activity

On the table were yellow and red apples, yellow and red markers, and a sentence strip for each child to use as a guide for making their apple patterns. The children started by setting the apples across the sentence strip in their pattern.

Creating their Patterns

Next the children remove the apples off of the strip and then finish the pattern on the strip with red and yellow markers.

Not every child would remember to remove their apples from the strip before drawing their own apples (circles) to complete the pattern but as long as they were getting the idea, we didn’t worry about it.

As the children worked on their patterns, Mrs. Courtney or I would stop by the patterning center to see how things were going and to help the children through the process as needed.  This was the first time the children tried this process but we will repeat this same patterning process using other objects throughout the school year and as we do, the children will not need our guidance.

Other ways to Explore Apples

The children did a terrific job and after they completed their patterns, they folded them up like a book, wrote their name on them and put them in their cubbies to take home.  We kept the apples and used them for our snack time and other activities we had planned.

An Introduction to Patterning with Apples

Oh, and this is me showing the children how to make patterns before sending them off to try this on their own.

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