Throughout our first week of school, we continued to explore the various tools we use in preschool.

One of the tools that we use often in our classroom are these plastic condiment bottles.

We usually keep paint in our bottles (which we purchased from Walmart) but for today, we put colored water in the bottles and placed them on the window ledge next to our water table.

The Goal of this Process

The goal of this process was to give the children an opportunity to explore and squeeze the bottles. As the school year progresses, we will set these bottles out filled with paint for the children to add their own paint to different painting projects or processes we try.

For today, we invited the children to squeeze the colored water into our water table tubs.  The children took the bottles off of the window ledge and boy, oh boy did the children love this process.

The children had to learn how to take the little cap off the end of their bottles and place the cap on a holder which is attached to the lid of the bottles.  It didn’t take long for the children to figure out how to open the bottles and squeeze that water right out!

I will definitely set these out again for the water table this year but perhaps work on specific colors for color mixing. For today, I wanted the focus on just squeezing the bottles so we didn’t worry that the color turned a greenish color in the end.  The children definitely didn’t care either.

Different Ways of Exploration

The play continued long after the water turned green.  The children spent time exploring different ways they can use the lids and bottles to squeeze water into the water table or even from bottle to bottle.

If you are thinking that this would be too much water for your classroom, then take this process outdoors!

I can’t wait to share squeezable water play with my students again.

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