For our very first day of preschool, we jumped right in and explored the tools we use in preschool.

The “teaching” goal of our day was to give the children a chance to learn about our classroom and where to find our “tools” and how to use or take care of our tools.

Discovering Tools in Circle Time

During circle time, we discovered several tools tucked away in our story box that we can begin to use right away like glue, scissors, magnifying glasses, tweezers, crayons, markers, and more.

Each tool had its own very short story to tell.  For example, a glue bottle likes to be squeezed but when you are done squeezing the glue – the lid needs closed up tight so that the glue wont dry up!  Not every story will be remembered right away, but it gives us a starting place for building up knowledge about our tools for preschool.

As we talked about each tool, we passed it around the circle so each child could take a closer look at the tool.

Using Some of the Tools

Then we spent our day actually using some of those tools. After all, we know the best way to master the tools of preschool is to use them often throughout the school year. Here is how we explored our scissors today…

 The children were able to stop by the cutting table for a little cutting practice.

The children cut up scraps of paper, left over from last year, then shook all their cut up pieces of paper in our group paper bin to save for another activity we will do later this week.

The children could cut the scraps up as much as they like.

Moving to the Outdoor Classroom

 In our outdoor classroom, we explored tweezers and pompoms.

The children simply selected any color of pompom they liked and used the tweezers to sort them or just to take them in and out of the jar.

 The children didn’t care for the big tweezers all that well, so we pulled out all the smaller ones and the children found them much easier to use.

We explored so many more tools but no need to share them all today as we will explore them all plenty of more times throughout the school year.

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