Years ago and long before I started blogging, I had the privilege of meeting Eric Carle and getting him to autograph one of my books…

Before that time and ever since, I have been an avid collector of Eric Carle books. I read them in my classroom every chance I get…

Here is a round up of just a few of the Eric Carle activities I have shared here on Teach Preschool. Click on each photo below to see the full post….

“The Foolish Tortoise” and Turtle Shell Prints


“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and Tissue Paper Caterpillars


More “Hungry Caterpillars” and Painting Caterpillars with Cups


“Mister Seahorse” and Sponge Painted Fish with Seaweed


“Mixed up Chameleon” and a Colorful Chameleon Scavenger Hunt


“I See a Song” and Cooking Oil Paintings


“The Grouchy Ladybug” and Torn Paper Grouchy Lady Bugs

AND there are even more ideas shared below by my fellow bloggers!

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 More Happy Birthday Eric Carle books and activities 

can be found from these participating bloggers!

In celebration of Eric Carle’s Birthday, a group of my fellow bloggers have gotten together to share a week of ideas and activities that go along with the wonderful books of Eric Carle.  Be sure to visit each of the bloggers below throughout the up and coming week to see what they have in store and see the linky down below too…

Happy Birthday Eric  Carle Linky
If you are viewing this post from a reader or by email or mobile, you will need to come to the blog post to see the linky filled with more Eric Carle books and activities! This linky will be updated all throughout our Birthday Week!