Your children will enjoy process art with animal tracks!

For one of our last activities we did in our “not-alike” unit, we had fun painting with animal tracks… If your children love process art and pretend play with animals, they are sure to love this!

Preparing the Invitation to Create

I selected several toy animals that had different shapes of feet and that were different colors.  I decided to add the color element to this process just to keep it more interesting for the children and to help them easily notice the different tracks in their paintings…

How the Process Works

I put a folded paper towel into a Styrofoam tray and added paint on top of the paper towel.  The children simply pressed the animal feet onto the painted paper towel then made tracks across their paper…

Embracing the Process

I have to say the tracks didn’t really turn out all that great but the children really didn’t mind – they just enjoyed painting with the animals! Seeing them having fun and enjoying the process was so rewarding!