Celebrating “Baby Day”

Earlier this year, one of our mommies had a new baby and to celebrate with our new “big brother” we had fun with “Baby Day” in our class.

Here’s how we celebrated

We had all kinds of play going on including some baby bottle painting.

Having a new grandbaby means I have access to a few supplies his mommy no longer needs or never did use so I filled a few bottles with some slightly watered down paint and the children used them to create prints and designs.

The children squeezed the nipple of the bottle to squirt some paint on the paper and they pressed down on the bottle to make dots and blobs.

The bottles were not “squeezable” so the only way to get the paint on the paper was to somehow manipulate the nipple of the bottle. Bottle painting led to some great fine motor work as well as some interesting results in our art experience.

In my next post, I will share with you the rest of the activities we did for baby day. I have some super fun photos to share!


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