Snow Globe Sensory Play in Preschool

I wanted the children in my class to make snow globes.

We did make some but not exactly like I originally planned.

While looking for snow globe materials, I came across this fake snow in a bag and thought – “boy, wouldn’t that be fun for some sensory play!”.

So, I decided that we should just have a little snow globe sensory play.  I hot glued little figurines inside the lids of different sized jars -I used some baby food jars, some small plastic jars, and a pickle jar. If you have any concern about the jars breaking, then stick with using plastic jars for sure.

And yes, I got the figurines at the dollar store. A package of 4 or 5 for $1. I am a regular customer there during the holidays!  I added the jars and lids (with figurines attached) to the fake snow and let the children play.

After playing with just their hands for a little while, the children asked if we could also add some spoons for “digging” up the snow.  I had not even thought of adding shovels. So my assistant followed their lead and gathered up some spoons for the children to add to their play. She told all the children to close their eyes and she would hide the spoons in the snow for them to find – the children enjoyed the suspense and I saw just a few children peeking.

I am sure you could use any kind of material for the snow besides fake snow but this stuff was really nice – soft, fluffy, and it had great texture too.  I got the fake snow from our local drug store called CVS.

The children enjoyed playing in the snow globe sensory tub and were engaged for a very long time. They buried the figurines in the snow and spent time exploring cause and effect as they enjoyed scooping, pouring, opening up the jars, closing the jars, filling the jars, dumping the jars, shaking the jars, and just playing and talking with each other.

The figurines stimulated some fun dramatic play and ignited conversation among the children as well.


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So we will continue to play with our snow globes and perhaps in the end, I will help the children fill them with water and other items to take home. In the mean time, here are a few links to snow globes that I had planned to make (and still may) with my students.

Links to Grow on

Christmas Snow Dome by Childhood 101

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Homemade Snow Globes for Preschoolers by The Honorable Mention Blog

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