I have seen many different folks share about still life drawings which made me really want to give this a try with the kids…

This is the final activity we did with our flower bouquets. You can see the other posts here > painting with flowers, a flower canvas, and cutting flower stems.

The Set-up

To get this activity started, I set out a bouquet of flowers in a vase, paper, and some crayons. I talked with the children before hand how they can select a flower and take it out to draw or leave it in the vase to draw.

We also talked briefly about the lines and shapes we see in a flower. I wanted to guide the children’s attention to some of the finer details of the flowers just a bit.

Why I Love this Activity

What I like about the still life drawings is how the children use something that is meaningful and real as a guide to their creative expression.  Often times, we ask children to draw from memory alone – like when we ask children to draw a picture of their mom or their house.

This is a different kind of experience that I believe brings additional value to their drawing experience as it challenges their understanding and ability to look at the finer details of everyday objects in their environment.

Even though the flowers were in front of them, some of the children still elected to draw a combination of the real flower as well as their own perspective or interest in what the flowers look like to them.

I would like to try this activity with a variety of different objects in the future and as I do, gradually draw the children’s attention to the finer details. Only after we did this activity did I realize that there are so many details that we tend to overlook.

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