The past week the children at preschool have been exploring animals on the farm. In one of the activity boxes were craft sticks and some strips of yarn…

It wasn’t obvious to the children how these materials could be used to make farm animals so I sat at a table and made my own horse. I got a few giggles from the children out of it – I really don’t see why:)…

It didn’t take long before the children started making their own horses too…

We had a full horse farm going including a farmer that really needs a haircut…

And a horse corral to keep our horses from wondering off….

And the best part was shuffling all the pieces back up into one big pile so we could start over…

I always find it hard to find horse activities that the children can really participate in but they loved this song that we sang…

High Stepping Horses

Unknown Author

High stepping horses,

High stepping horses,

High stepping horses,

Clippety, clippety clop!

(Make fist go up and down as you sing or chant the words)

Change the word “high, soft, loud, fast, slow…”


Riding on a Horses Back

by Deborah J. Stewart

I’m riding on a horses back

He’s taking me down the track

When he goes, “clippety-clop”

I go, “bumpety-bump”

Riding on a horses back!

(Now repeat but say “Giddeup horsey” to make the song go faster and “Whoa horsey” to slow the song back down again).

And the teachers whipped up a few horses for the children to play with…

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