If you are planning a road trip or just need to keep a preschooler busy – try making a Busy Book!

This busy book is My Crayon Busy Book

To make the Crayon Busy Book you will need 3-ring binder, some crayons, some paper, and sticky-back velcro. I used the velcro to attach the crayons to the inside cover of the 3-ring binder. This makes it easier to keep track of crayons so they don’t get lost.

I added large unlined index cards to the three ring binder to color on but you could add any kind of paper you like. I chose index cards because they are a little more sturdy for coloring on.

So far I have made six different busy books (which I have briefly demonstrated in this news segment) so I can rotate them. I find that if I put all the activities in one book then the child goes through all the activities quickly and is asking for something else to do. By making a set of busy books, I can design each book to be unique and then rotate the books as needed.

I have chosen to use a small 3-ring binder so I can toss the binder in a bag and so a preschooler can hold it more easily in his or her lap if needed (like in a car). Stay tuned for my next Busy Book post – My Sewing Busy Book.

To learn the basics of how to make a busy book – click here!