The other day I shared that we explored the letter ‘O’ in preschool by making an octopus. Another way we explored the letter ‘O’ is by playing with Cheerios!

A basket of cheerios for sensory play is always fun!

Be sure to add spoons, cups, and bowls to invite scooping, pouring, and even a little dramatic breakfast play!

This counting activity was done as a group with all the children and then set out for the children to try on their own.

As the children read through The Cheerio Counting Book, they count out the number of cheerios and place them on the floor in front of them. I encourage the children to arrange the cheerios just as they see them in the book and then count them out loud!

This is a fun little book to set out next to the Cheerio sensory tub so the children can explore the book, numbers, counting, and their senses on their own!

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