Last week, a very kind person on Facebook announced that Khols had their new children’s books and animals out for sale. This new set consisted of four Eric Carle books along with stuffed animals to go with each book. Khols sells these items at $5.00 each to raise funds for their “Khols Cares for Kids” program.

Many of us rushed out to get a set and I was told that many of the books and animals sold out in the very first day! My mother, who follows my facebook page, also went out to buy a set. She called me and said that she got the very last book at the Khols nearest her. I did manage to buy me a set in the rush and was so thankful for the heads up on Facebook.

I use the stuffed animals for all kinds of activities, like this circle time read-aloud activity, but Wy was the first to play with this set of Eric Carle animals. He sorted them out on some tape shapes (which I wrote about the other day) that we made on the floor.

Included in the set was “The Grouchy Ladybug”

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

“The Mixed up Chameleon”

And “The Foolish Tortoise”

I tried to get my dog to move out of the way for this photo but he really liked the stuffed animals too and was not moving!

After playing a bit with the stuffed animals, it was time to wind down our evening so I read one of the books with Wy…

Then it was time to climb up in bed and get some sleep until Mommy comes to pick him up!

Look who else got a set and what they are doing with Eric Carle books and animals!!