Mrs. R’s kindergarten class made these terrific pumpkins which make wonderful suncatchers!

What you will need….

  • Plastic plate so the pumpkin can be easily removed from the plate after it dries.
  • Orange and black tissue paper
  • Watered down glue
  • Paint brushes

How the students made it…

The children began by coating a plastic plate with a layer of the watered down glue…

Then the children placed orange tissue paper squares on top of the glue. The teacher encouraged the children to cover their entire plate with the orange tissue paper…

The children cut their own tissue paper squares….

As they placed their tissue paper squares on the plate, they brushed a second coat of watered-down glue on top of the tissue paper.

They cut black tissue paper squares to add their own eyes, nose, and mouth as desired.

The key to this working is to brush plenty of watered-down glue on the tissue paper. This is also part of the fun for the children to do. Then set the plates aside to dry overnight…

Once the glue has hardened and dried, then the children can gently peel their pumpkins off of the plates to hang up.

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